2016 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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変動するアジアの経済・家族構造のもとでの高齢者ケアに対する社会参加の強化にむけて ―ベトナムと日本の地方自治体間の政策的・実践的対話
Strengthening Social Engagement in Elderly Care in Changing Economic and Family Structure in Asia: Policy and Practical Dialogues between Local Communities in Vietnam and Japan
Tran Thi Minh Thi
Tran Thi Minh Thi
Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

本プロジェクトでは、まず、ケア・ダイアモンド・モデル(家族、コミュニティ、私的領域、公的領域+政策)を援用して両国の高齢者支援モデルを分析する。 文献の収集・分析を行うとともに、ベトナムのハティン省とクアンガイ省のふたつの行政村と日本の熊本県のいくつかの自治体で実地調査と意見交換をおこない、それに基づいて両国の政策決定者、ソシアル・ワーカー、コミュニティ・ワーカーの相互学習のための政策対話を実施する。それをもとに高齢者に対するコミュニティレベルでのアクション・プランを開発するとともに、両国の地方自治体の政策決定者に対して草の根レベルの政策プランを提示する。

Japan and Vietnam are observing changes in demographics and family structures while sharing traditional norms of filial piety and increasing withdrawal of family caregivers. Japan relies on the public long-term care insurance program in elderly care provision. Japan is believed to face an enormous increase in costs for long-term care in future and is significant to economize the cost of care via the concept of “community-based care” by changing the balance of care towards home, community-based services, and marketization. In Vietnam, family and community are playing key roles in elderly support. Vietnamese government is planning to enhance practical and institutional settings. The project will analyze current elderly support models among care diamonds of family, community, private and public sectors and policy; draw lessons and develop action plans for elderly in communities and grassroots policy action plans to local policy makers based on the result of contextual review, research findings, discussions and policy dialogue for mutual learning among policy makers, social and community workers through cooperative studies and mutual exchanges between two communes in Vietnam (i.e. Thach Chau commune, Ha Tinh province; and Pho Cuong commune, Quang Ngai province) and two communities in Japan (i.e. Kumamoto and Minamata city).