2016 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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Diversity and Commonalities of Birth from Women's Voice Sharing
Naoko Arimori
Niigata University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

女性の生涯にわたる健康の確保や人権の尊重はグローバル・アジェンダにも挙げ られている。本来、人間の尊厳や尊重に関係する女性の意思決定やプライバシーのありかたも含めた「女性にとっての出産」は多様であり、リプロダクティブヘルスの中には、その国の政策や宗教、男女の関係、家族のあり方などの文化を含有していると言われる。一方、近年、出産は安全性が希求され、医療の対象としての画一的な出産へと変化しつつあり、当事者である「女性たちにとっての出産」を尊重する動きは極めて少ない。本プロジェクトでは、ラオス・ミャンマー・日本の女性たちの自分の出産体験や出産への希望を語り合う機会の創出から始め、個々の女性の出産体験への価値づけと「女性の声を聴く」ことの重要性を共有していく。互いの国や地域の女性の出産の経験や希望の共通性と多様性を認識し、尊重し、「当事者である女性の声を聴くことから始まる幸せな出産」について共に考え学びあうことを通して豊かな社会を目指したネットワークの素地づくりを行う。

They are recognized as global agendas to ensure women’s health for life and to respect human lights. Originally it is a wide range of "birth for woman" includes the way of decision making and the privacy of the woman related to human dignity and respect. Reproductive health represents policies, religions, gender relations and cultural aspect such as the nature of families. However, in late years, birth is focused safety aspect and changes into uniform delivery as an object of the medical service, and the will of the woman who is the person concerned might not be respected. This project makes a start in creating an opportunity to talk about “my birth experience” and/or “my hope for my birth” among women, their families and their communities in Lao, Myanmar and Japan. Also we share the importance of esteeming birth experiences for each woman and “listening to women’s voice”. In this project, we discover and respect common ground and diversities of women’s voice among countries and communities, and lay groundwork for the network aiming for realization of a truly affluent society through putting our head together and learn from each other about “happy birth that would be produced by listening to women’s voice”.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)


Respect for human rights and ensuring health throughout a woman’s lifetime are items on the global agenda. “Women’s experiences of birth” are varied including the status of privacy and decision making related to human dignity and respect.
This project was implemented with the intention of discussing the birth experiences and hopes for birth of women in Laos, Myanmar, and Japan in order to give new value to the birth experiences of individual women and together to consider and learn about “happy births beginning by listening to the voices of those affected: women.”
Through the process of creating the DVD based on the birth experiences of women in the three countries, which became the product of this project, viewing the video and online exchanges between the three countries, the women, nursing and midwifery students and instructors, and medical personnel, who participated in this project, were able to recognize both the commonality and diversity in the birth experiences and hopes of women in each country and were given an opportunity to reconsider what makes a more fulfilling birth. The DVD created has been requested for use as teaching material. Through this project, it was found that the continuity of this setting for women to discuss their individual birth experiences may lead to a network targeting a richer society.