2016 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  (B)個人研究助成  
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Mitigation of Conflict between Local Community and Fishing Cats in Hail Hanor, Northeastern Bangladesh: Interdisciplinary survey on conflict and possibility of participatory research in conflict mitigation
鈴木 愛
首都大学東京 都市環境科学研究科
Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

    絶滅危惧種スナドリネコは、漁りねこ・Fishing catと名前が表わすように、場所によっては餌の8割を魚に依存し、湿地を好むとされる。バングラデシュ北東部の湿地はスナドリネコにとって重要な生息地である。しかし、同国の保全努力はトラに偏っており、スナドリネコは保全計画もないまま、2010-2013年の間に少なくとも82個体が捕殺されている状況にある。そこで、本研究では地域住民とのスナドリネコの軋轢緩和を目的とし、スナドリネコ(食性と生息地利用)と地域住民(経済的損失やスナドリネコに対する認識など)の両側から調査を行う。そして、その結果に基づき、即効性が高い軋轢緩和策を立案し、実施・検証する。さらに、タンパク質源の50%近くを淡水魚に依存するバングラデシュでは、人にとっても湿地は生命線で「動物は森、人は里」のような地理的住み分けは困難である。そのため、長期的かつ根本的な軋轢緩和策には、地域住民のスナドリネコに対する認識・価値の変化が不可欠であると考える。そこで、住民の認識の変化を促しうる一つの試みとして住民参加型の調査を実施し、効果を検討する。

    The fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is distributed from Southeast Asia, Nepal and Sri Lanka to India, and strongly associated with wetlands. Large wetlands in northern Bangladesh including Hail Hanor are one of the last remaining habitats and the strongholds of this species. Despite the global significance, conservation of fishing cats in Bangladesh has received very little attention whereas tigers receive international attention. Without having action plan, at least 82 fishing cats were killed between 2010 and 2013; at least 16 were killed in Hail Hanor alone between 2010 and 2012 in the conflicts with local people. The most urgent issue in this endangered cat conservation would be to reduce the number of killing in one of last remaining habitats. 
    Therefore, this project aims to mitigate conflicts between fishing cats and local community by achieving three objectives: (1) to investigate the conflicts using an interdisciplinary framework in human-wildlife conflicts, natural science for fishing cat ecology (diet and habitat use) and social science for local community (magnitude of the conflicts including economic loss, and perceptions and attitudes toward fishing cats), (2) to test conflict mitigation measures based on conflict survey, expecting to see an immediate effect, and (3) to explore the possibility of participatory research/survey in changing people's perception and attitude toward fishing cats, as a long-term and fundamental mitigation measure. 

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