2016 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  (B)個人研究助成  (B) Individual Research Grants
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From "Burdens" to "Benefits": Exploring refugee-led humanitarian assistance in Kampala and Berlin
Evan Elise Easton-Calabria
Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

    近年、世界では住み慣れた土地を離れざるをえない人びとが著しく増加しており、人道支援組織の対応が追いつかないこともしばしばである。実は支援組織による正式な支援と並行して、難民自身が仲間やコミュニティを支える活動を行っているケースは少なくない のだが、難民で構成される組織は支援の正式なパートナーとして認められておらず、難民主導型の人道支援に関する研究はほとんど行われていないのが現状である。

    More people are displaced in the world than ever before,and humanitarian organisations are often overwhelmed with the amount of people in need. Yet alongside formal organisations, refugees help themselves and their communities in significant ways. However,little research exists on refugee-led humanitarian assistance,and refugee-led organisations are ignored in calls for formal humanitarian partnerships. This research examines refugee-led assistance initiatives in two refugee contexts of particular relevance and urgency: the long-term displacement of Congolese refugees in Kampala, Uganda, and the recent arrival of Syrian refugees in Berlin, Germany. Through qualitative and quantitative research, I aim to create the first evidence base of refugee-led assistance amongst Congolese and Syrian refugees, help transform the public perception of refugees from 'burdens' to'benefits',and develop a humanitarian assistance model with the values of inclusivity and partnership at its core. Based on my findings,I will provide recommendations for policymakers and practitioners and create evidence-based guides for refugee-led assistance aimed at refugees. Through journal articles, stakeholder workshops, and a podcast series for the public, I aim to advance a new policy-relevant area of study and demonstrate how refugee-led initiatives can fundamentally transform our existing refugee assistance models.

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