2016 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  (A)共同研究助成  
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Living with the Bomb: A-bomb and air-raid survivor memories and their daily lives
木村  豊
Yutaka Kimura
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


    Much research has been done on the efforts of atomic bomb and air-raid survivors to pass on memories of their experiences in the bombings. This research has often emphasized the day of the bombings or focused on the particular nature of the war damages. Yet those who lived through the war experienced the attacks and war damages as one part of their daily lives during and after the war, at which times they were engaged in various other activities including air-raid defense and recovery efforts. In addition, despite the many existing historical materials on the bombings including before-and-after images of the affected areas, many aspects of raids remain unclear. Furthermore, it is difficult for air-raid survivors to access these materials, and thus such resources remain underused in their attempts to narrate the bombings. In order to overcome this difficulty, as well as to better record atomic bomb and air-raid survivor war memories for future generations, this project proposes to undertake two things. The first is to utilize archives in the United States and Japan and to gather historical materials related to the Tokyo and Hiroshima bombings. The second is to use these materials in interviews with survivors, and to record their testimonies as oral-history. These interviews will especially focus on placing the events of the bombings within the context of survivors' daily lives before and after the attacks. In this way, and based on the data and information gleaned from the oral histories and gathered materials, the project ultimately aims to better understand the meanings of the atomic and fire-bombings and the impacts that the attacks had on survivors' daily lives. In addition, it seeks to achieve a new and interactive method for passing on memories of the attacks.

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