2016 研究助成 Research Grant Program  /  (A)共同研究助成  (A) Joint Research Grants
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Sustainable Development Strategies for Native American Diaguita Communities: Cultural heritage research and protection in the Eastern South Andes, Argentina
Julián Salazar
National University of Córdoba, Argentina
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

    ①トゥクマン州クンブレス・カルチャキエス 南部で考古学的調査を実施
    ②地方政府 ・連邦政府の法規定、国際法、及びディアギタの信仰に基づいた文化遺産保護・展示計画を立案
    ③文化遺産 に対する意識の向上と保護活動への参加を促進するため、地域住民 と地元ツアーガイドに文化遺産の意義を説明
    これらの取り組みの成果として、クンブレス・カルチャキエスで保護が必要な文化遺産を掲載した地図 の発行、史跡見学ツアーの実施(5回)、地元ガイドの育成、文化遺産 に関するプロモーション用パンフレットの配布、考古学的調査に関する書籍の出版、などを見込んでいる。

    This project is aimed at applying scientific research to develop sustainable economic strategies for Diaguita Communities (Northwest Argentina) through the creation of archaeological touristic circuits and at the same time generating strong commitment of local inhabitants with Cultural Heritage protection. It represents a synthetic solution for three main social and cultural issues: Native American Communities exclusion in Argentina, material Cultural Heritage exposed to risky conditions and knowledge gap on the transition from forager to agropastoral adaptations in the region. In order to implement the objectives of the project four complementary stages were planned: 1) Archeological research in the southern Cumbres Calchaquies, Tucuman, Argentina. 2) Development of Cultural Heritage Protection and Exhibition Plan, according to estate, federal and international legislation and native communities' beliefs. 3) Impartation of the relevance of Cultural Heritage not only to the Community, but also to local tour guides, in order to generate consciousness and commitment with cultural resources. 4) Archaeological Touristic circuits implementation.
    The execution of the project is going to generate a Cultural Heritage Protection Chart in Cumbres Calchaquies, Five archaeological touristic circuits, Formation of local guides, diffusion material to enhance the public knowledge on the product and an Archaeological Research Book. 

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