2016 社会コミュニケーションプログラム Communication with Society Program      
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Development and practical use of materials for educating adults to encourage children who support peers suffering mental difficulties and bullying: Towards development of warm-hearted, mutually-supporting schools and communities
佐々木 司
Tsukasa Sasaki
Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


   Aim of the present project is to help school-children's parents and their neighbors understand the "mutual support" program, which is taught to the children at schools by teachers. Via the understanding, the parents and neighbors are expected to help and encourage the children mutually support their peers with difficulties including mental distresses and being bullied. For this aim, we are going to develop teaching materials including a brochure and an audiovisual one for parents and their neighbors. This would help them understand their children's learning and practices of the mutual support. Lectures will be held for parents and neighbors to further understand the children's learning and practices, using and introducing the materials. Lectures for school-teachers to learn how to teach the education program of mutual support to children at schools will also be held.
   The "mutual support" program, which was previously developed by our group of researcher-school teacher collaboration, with a great help of the TOYOTA Foundation, consists of two parts: mental health/illness literacy education and anti-bullying education. Children learn basic knowledge of mental health/illnesses, mechanism of development of bullying, and how they can help their peers as well as themselves when they are suffering the distresses. The program is to be delivered at classes by school teachers who are trained using brochures which we developed. The present development of the teaching materials and lectures using them would help parents'/neighbors' understanding of what children learn through the program, which may promote the children's everyday practice of the mutual support and its prevailing from schools to the communities. This, we believe, would finally lead to the development of warm-hearted, mutual-supporting society in our country.

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