2017 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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日中韓における遺伝資源と関連する伝統的知識の活用と保全のための「東アジア・共感モデル」の構築 ―伝統野菜と養蜂を題材として
Developing East Asian model for utilization of genetic resources and related traditional knowledge in Japan, China, and Korea: Practices on traditional vegetables and beekeeping
香坂 玲
Ryo Kohsaka
名古屋大学大学院 環境学研究科
Nagoya University Graduate School of Environmental Studies
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Benefit from genetic resources are utilized for developing medicines, foods and cosmetics. It is necessary that related traditional knowledge to be acknowledged when relevant resources are utilized. There are distrust between provider and user countries and Access and Benefit Sharing arising from utilization of genetic resources (ABS) became an urgent global issue. Collaborations amongst civil society, private, public sectors or transition across-generations are necessary. In this project, we focused on traditional vegetables and beekeeping as genetic resources. By doing so, mutual culture understandings in Japan, China, and Korea is facilitated by learning and practices on producing and cooking the resources. To transmit the traditional vegetables as living heritage, we re-evaluate their values in contemporary society by individual learning their origins and roots, by sharing and developing new cooking methods while respecting historical efforts. By strengthen the linkages among regions and generations, we propose “East Asian empathy model” through the use of genetic resources and trust-buildings in long-term perspectives.