2017 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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カンボジア、ミャンマーにおけるアート×環境教育イベントの実施と教材開発 ―ゴミ問題に関する学びあいと解決に向けて
Implementation of Art-Environmental Education events and development of teaching material in Cambodia and Myanmar: Toward learning and solving problems on garbage problem
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This project aims to conduct "Art-Environmental Education Events" and "development of Animation teaching material" in Cambodia and Myanmar by collaboration between creators, civil groups and local administrations of each country. Nowadays, with the increase in garbage due to population growth accompanied by rapid economic growth, the both countries are faced with serious garbage problems such as malfunction of drainage system due to illegal dumping of garbage and deterioration of hygiene environment. We have conducted the environmental education events through Art and the development of animation teaching material about garbage in Cambodia, and continuously broadcasted the material at multiple commercial facilities in Phnom Penh. However, Cambodia has few citizen groups tackling the garbage problem, so it is necessary for public and private sectors to cooperate and to raise citizen's awareness of the garbage. In Myanmar, "garbage-picking activities" began in this year from government and citizen's groups. But since there are many ethnic minorities with different languages, there is a limit to the effect of appealing by means of enlightenment using only a standard language. In this project, Cambodia and Myanmar stakeholders on the garbage problem learn from each other and tackle the problem together.