2017 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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アジア地域における持続可能な有機農業の実践に向けた仕組みの構築 ―日本・フィリピン・ベトナムの現場から
Advancing sustainable organic farming in Asia: A focus on Japan, Philippines and Vietnam
松島 由佳
Yuka Matsushima
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


Japan in the 1980's saw the rise in awareness for environmental conservation, together with the interest for organic farming. However, organic farming has not spread enough, with the number of farmers practicing it remaining at 0.5%. Likewise, other countries in Asia such as the Philippines and Vietnam face similar issues. Farmers in those countries are taking interest for organic farming, while consumers also have both increased awareness for food safety and demand for safe crops, but its extent is not enough. Overall, the spread of organic farming in Asian region is gradual compared to other regions like Europe and North America. By promoting diverse interaction of stakeholders such as farmers, consumers and other intermediaries, as well as collective learnings of good practices, we aim to accelerate the social issue solving. Moreover, the root issues for all countries stem from the mindset of the farmers who are attracted to short-term benefits rather than environmental conservation, the consumers who focus on price and convenience, and furthermore the social model that allows this to happen. Through the discussion and consideration of the social model itself across the border, we strive to realize sustainable agriculture and environment.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)

近年、日本、フィリピンやベトナムなどアジア各国で、有機農業に対する関心が高まっている。しかしその広がりは、環境保全や健康問題などの社会課題の解決という観点からは、欧米に比べ十分とはまだ言えない状態である。そこで有機農業における共通課題の解決加速化を目指し、本プロジェクトでは日本、フィリピンとベトナムの三か国で、有機農業に携わる社会的企業(Social enterprise)を主なメンバーとし、各国の課題の相互理解とグッドプラクティスの学び合いを促進した。具体的には三か国を訪問し、各国の農業の視察から顧客のインタビュー、大学教授によるマクロな視点の講話などを実施した。各国の現状、そして互いのチームからの学びあいや刺激を自国に持ち帰り、最終的には有機農業の促進を目指し、農家向けの生産ハンドブックやCommunity Shared Agricultureの実践マニュアルなどを作成し配信した。また有機農業に携わるメンバーの国境を越えたネットワークが生まれたことは本プログラムの大きな成果である。

Countries in Asia such as Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam saw the rise in the awareness of organic agriculture in recent years. Yet, it has not spread enough compared to other regions such as Europe and North America to address the issues of environmental and health issues. With the aim to accelerate the solving of the common issue of organic agriculture in the region, in this project, we promoted both diverse interaction of stakeholders involved in organic agriculture, and collective learnings of good practices between various countries in Asia, with three social enterprises from Philippines, Vietnam and Japan as the core members. Through the project, we visited the three countries and held activities such as farm tours, customer interviews, and lectures by professors and experts of organic agriculture. The members took back the learnings from the current issues of each country and from the other teams, as well as many inspirations. In the end, each team created deliverables such as a production handbook for farmers, and a manual for implementing “Community Shared Agriculture,” all with the mission to promote organic agriculture. Moreover, this project allowed for the creation of the international network of different stakeholders in organic agriculture.