2017 2017年度 研究助成プログラム Research Grant Program 2017  /  (B)個人研究助成  
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What Happened to "Failed" ODA Projects?: A long-term evaluation of development project from a inter-dependency perspective
佐藤 仁
Jin Sato
Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


 Foreign aid is the field where social and political ideals (e.g., democracy, equality, empowerment, inclusion) have been most explicitly advocated and transferred from one country to another. However, the actual time frame of evaluating the impact of aid projects toward such goals have been limited to 5 years at best. This research examines the much longer-term impact of foreign aid with an aim to search for new reference point in understanding the social function of aid. 
 The research will specifically focus on major Japanese projects implemented in the 1980s in Southeast Asia (i.e., Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia) that were heavily criticized by the NGOs and scholarly communities as "failed projects," and investigates the "afterlife" of those projects and analyzes their long-term impact on local societies. What role those "failed projects" have played in the context of a recipient country? 
 Because foreign aid projects take place in foreign lands, interested observers must rely on media and local researchers who are biased with their own constraints and preferences. Development projects must be "communicated," but the exact mechanism of such communication has been understudied. I argue that criticism based on the assumed goal of "self-help" and "self-reliance" led the observers to ask wrong questions. By employing inter-dependency as an alternative perspective, I demonstrate how apparently "failed" projects generate positive lessons that can be applied to a wider contexts of development cooperation.

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