2018 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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Designing the future of unofficial urban villages in mega cities of Asia: Sharing the experience of Xizhou Tribe at the Kampung Aquarium reconstruction
神吉 紀世子
Kiyoko KANKI
Kyoto University, Faculty of Engineering, Dept. of Architecture and Architectural Engineering
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


High density urban village named “Kampung Aquarium”, including informal settlements partly, is located in the port-district of North Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2016, this village and its 700 inhabitants were evicted by the state government. This eviction was a part of the touristic development plan, but in 2017 the newly-elected state governor gave up the plan and decided the recovery program of the inhabitants as well as new housings for them. Indonesia side of this program was asked to design the recovery and the new housing for the inhabitants by the state government in 2017 and already started the community-participation activities. Then Japan side was asked to participate by Indonesia side, and soon Japan side was aware that we should have the direct linkage with Xizhou Tribe’s experience in Taiwan for these 10 years. Japan side had relation to Taiwan side with the introductions by Prof. Yasuhiro Endo in the past. So, this program is submitted to realize the collaboration among Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan sides. Hopefully the result of this program will propose the “officialization” of urban villages through the qualification of inclusive and internal culture for local improvement in the Asian mega cities.