2018 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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ASEANの先住民族コミュニティにおける連帯を通じた資源の保存管理のための イノベーションプラットフォームの創出
The Project for Creating Innovation Platform for Reasource Management in Local and Indigenous Community of ASEAN
バヤール・マヤール・ガイ (ルル)
Byar Myar Gay (Lu lu)
民族問題センター / アセアン・グリーンジャスティス・ネットワーク
Ethnic Nationalities Affairs Center / ASEAN Green Justice Network
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


ASEAN is a hot spot of Local and Indigenous Communities (LIC). More than 40% of LIC concentrates on the region where LIC faces the severe social and economic vulnerabilities because government does not recognize the presence officially. Kayah State of Myanmar has been left behind in national development plan because the sate had been in conflict until 2012. The forests, covering more than 70% of the land, are indispensable components of daily life and LIC relies on the forest resources for cultural and economic reason for years. Climate change and illegal logging have worsen the status of forest resources, which makes LIC face the dire situation. The Karao people in the Cordillera region, Philippines, are forced to move into another region for living by the deprivation of resource right and environment degradation. The LIC in Malaysia also has been under the severe conditions because of the limitation of access to resources. The purpose of the project formulates the platform for the networking among LIC in ASEAN, contributing to sharing traditional knowledge and methods for appropriate resource management. Producing innovative model for community resource management with the package of green tourism for climate adaptation to global society, it aids at making the process for sustainable development.