2018 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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Building network among 3 Asian countries living in an era of media reform: Finding social issues and nurturing leaders for solutions
三輪 開人
Kaito Miwa
Specially Approved Nonprofit Organization e-Education
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

若者のSNS依存は日本のみならずアジア全土で急激に進み、情報との付き合い方がアジア共通の課題となっている。一例として、2017年に発生したロヒンギャ難民問題においてはミャンマー・バングラデシュの2カ国で真偽不明の情報がSNS上で飛び交い、両国の若者がデモ活動を始めるなど啀み合う結果となった。 本プロジェクトではこうした課題に直面する日本、ミャンマー、バングラデシュにおいて、これまでe-Educationが教育支援してきた若者が相互交流の場を持つ事で、①情報の偏りを互いに分析・認識し、②自ら課題の現場に赴いて本質を見極め、③課題解決策を含めた情報発信ができる若手リーダーの育成を目指す。3カ国の若者が互いの国を訪問、社会課題の現場を視察・取材し、ワークショップを通じ経験や気づきを共有する等、交流の場を設ける。本交流を通じ、各国の深刻な社会課題に対し多様な視点を取り入れ、理解を深め、共に解決していくための情報発信・行動に繋げる。

Social media addiction is common all over Asia, raising a concern on how individuals should deal with information they obtain everyday. Rohingya crisis occurred in 2017 for instance, triggered many dubious information swirling around between Myanmar and Bangladesh, causing youth demonstrations against each other. This project aims at achieving the following goals by providing the youths, who received education support by e-Education, in Japan, Myanmar and Bangladesh with chances for mutual exchanges ; 1) grasping that they obtain the biased information, 2) making sure of the nature of the problem by visiting the sites, and 3) nurturing the leaders who can send information and message to the society with solutions to social problems. With the youths from 3 different countries visiting each country, we can provide opportunities for them to learn from each other, observe the social problems, and share their learnings through workshops. This project encourages these youths from each country to take in diverse and different perspectives on the social problems, deepen understanding on each other, and send positive messages to the society that the social problems can be solved together.

実施報告書・概要 (Summary of Final Report)