2018 2018年度 研究助成プログラム Research Grant Program 2018      
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The Contribution of School Making Through Collaborative Process Towards Local Communities in Rural Area of China  
範 懿
Fan Yi
九州大学 人間環境学研究院
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


With the rapidly developing economy in China, the gap between the rich and the poor is becoming wider and wider. At the same time, the gap of education and school facilities between urban area and rural area is also widening. The readjustment of the arrangement of the rural primary schools had been carried out as a Country policy for about ten years, but it was stopped because it caused many problems. On the other hand, in rural area, with the help of architects, NGO and local communities, many creative schools have been built through the democratic process which is rare in urban area. And at the same time, many education programs connected with local culture and industry appeared. Therefore, the object of this research is the schools in rural area of China. The research includes: 1) verifying the roles and feasibility of the new school design (design/construction methods and operation) in closing the gap of education and reconstruction of post-disaster; 2) executing a casebook and carrying out valuation workshops; 3) carrying out a practical proposal. This research aims at providing equal opportunity in developing countries’education and disaster recovery in areas or countries like Japan in which disasters happen frequently.

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