2018 2018年度 研究助成プログラム Research Grant Program 2018      
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How to enhance the autonomy of the laborers engaged in jobs created by the welfare-agriculture cooperation: applying the experience of the farmer-consumer partnership called "teikei"
綱島 洋之
Tsunashima Hiroyuki
Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


A movement has gained ground toward what is termed in Japan “nohuku-renkei”, or cooperation between agriculture and social welfare”, based on an idea that the shorthanded agricultural sector offers job opportunities to the people excluded from the existing labor market. However, many practitioners are facing the difficulty in raising the level of laborers’ skill. The project representative has also been the case. In order to enhance the autonomy of laborers, we have come to think that we can take a lot of lessons from the experience of “teikei” movement, a farmer-consumer partnership for direct exchanges of organic produce. Accordingly, this project aims at examine whether that experience is applicable to the solution of the task the “nohuku-renkei” is facing at present. If it is successfully done, we will find the new value of “teikei” that should be inherited to the “nohuku-renkei”, which may then transcend far beyond mere job opportunity offering. In this project, firstly, we will create a model of autonomous agricultural labor, which is applicable to the “nohuku-renkei”. Secondly, we will describe what the experience of farmer-consumer partnership was, so that practitioners of “nohuku-renkei” can take various lessons. Thirdly, we will elucidate what kind of difficulties the most advanced cases of “nohuku-renkei” is now confronting. And finally, we will attempt on-site implementation of countermeasures worked out on the basis of the instruction drawn from the experience. An outcome report in Japanese and English will be published and summarized elsewhere.

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