2018 先端技術と共創する新たな人間社会      
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“Fudo”-nization of Advanced technology: How to imagine plausible future of human-computer interdependency
熊澤 輝一
Terukazu Kumazawa
総合地球環境学研究所 研究基盤国際センター
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)


How to imagine plausible future where humanity and advanced technology can harmoniously co-exist? Technology has been developed by humanity, hence it might be dependent on human subjectivity, however, recent rapid advance of it, especially that of the A.I., questions human sovereignty over technology. If computer emerges as another subject-hood than humanity, what kind of future can humanity imagine? And, with such subject like other-than-human machines, how should humanity draw sustainable future scenario? This research investigates those questions by using the concept of “Fudo(風土)” and “Fudo”-nization. Fudo is a Sino-Japanese term which is almost equivalent to the English term environment, but differs from Western Classical Ontology in the point that it emphasizes the interdependency between subject and surroundings. This view enables us to think about dynamic relationship between humanity and advanced technology both of which might play crucial role as subject-hood in future. This research analyses Fudo aspects from empirical and theoretical sides. Empirical studies on the way how technology has been/ is/ might be “Fudo”-nized will be done by focusing 1)history of energy nexus in Yakushima, 2)attempt toward autonomous oecology in Oki island, 3)machine aided conservation and promotion of endangered language in Okinawa, and 4)disaster risk management by A.I. in Kyoto. Theoretical investigation combined with workshop by undergraduate students develops a methodology of future-imagination. The society in which humanity and computer exist interdependently must be different from ever-existed/existing societies. This research examines possibility of imagination which might lead plausible future. 

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