2018 先端技術と共創する新たな人間社会      
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先端技術を活用する社会制度の展開と課題に関する立法課題の研究 ―人工知能の活用と社会の受容・法・技術と倫理―
Study of legislative Issues on the Development and Problems of Social System that Utilize Advanced Technology - Utilization of Artificial Intelligence and Acceptance of Society ・ Law ・ Technology and Ethics ?
寺田 麻佑
Mayu Terada
International Christian University College of Liberal Arts
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

本研究は、先端技術を活用する社会制度の展開と課題に関する立法課題の基礎的研究として、人工知能が社会の変革にもたらす諸問題を社会制度がどのように受容していくべきなのか、法・技術と倫理の観点から検討を行い(1)、制度的問題点を検討したうえで(2)、今後の社会制度における立法課題の詳細な検討と提案を行うものである。AI を活用する先端技術、AI を活用した行政、コネクティッドカー・ドローンなどを活用したスマートシティなどの構築は、人口減少社会を救う可能性がある。このような問題状況と先端技術の活用による対応方法は、その他の人口減少社会においても同様にみられる。本研究は、日本の状況を含め、他国の対応策も含め、先端技術を活用する社会制度の展開と課題への対応を検証する。具体的には、(1) 先端技術と法や AI 倫理と法制度の観点から、広く研究を行い、統治機構の変革と法制度の在り方も含めた立法課題の研究をおこなう。また、(2)具体的な個別の問題解決にかかわる国際比較研究を行う。特に、個人情報保護とビッグデータの利活用、IoT 機器の規制、コネクティッドカー・ドローン活用を行うスマートシティの構築の在り方について検証を行う。

This research is a fundamental study of Legislative Issues on the development of social systems that utilize advanced technology and discusses how to solve various problems that artificial intelligence brings about to the social transformation, how society systems should accept the advancement of the technology. This is a Study from also from the viewpoint of ethics and law. This eventually considers institutional issues as well (1), and conduct detailed examination and proposal of legislative issues for the future social system (2). There is the possibility of saving our aging society with diminished population by constructing a so-called smart city by making use of AI, advanced technology etc. Cities with administration using AI, connected car, drone, etc. might bring great solutions to the problems. There are similar circumstances in other population declining society as to how to cope with such problematic situation and utilization of advanced technology. This research examines the development of the social system that utilizes the advanced technology, including the countermeasures of other countries as much as possible and compares the situation in Japan, and considers countermeasures that are being taken against the issue. Specifically, one of a way of local autonomy in the 22nd century, we will consider a wide range of fundamental theories, from the viewpoint of advanced technology and law, AI ethics and legal system, to study the possible change of governance mechanism and the way of legal system. (2) Plus, we will conduct international comparative research to solve specific individual problems. Specifically, we will examine how to protect personal information, utilize big data, how to regulate IoT equipment and how to utilize advanced technology, and how to build a smart city that utilizes a connected car / drone.

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