2019 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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食べたもので食べるものをつくる ―ベトナム・メコンデルタと九州の中山間地域で学びあう再生バイオマスの地域内循環と農業再生
Sustainable Agriculture of Rural Area in Mekong Delta, Vietnam and Mountainous Area, Japan by Community-based Action for Effective Utilization of Bio-wastes Resources
藤本 穣彦
Fujimoto Tokihiko
Shizuoka University, Faculty of Agriculture
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

「再生バイオマス資源のリサイクルと地域内循環農業」をテーマに、熱帯(東南アジア・ベトナム)と温帯(東アジア・日本)で、それ ぞれの地勢に適して発達してきた生活文化を学びあう。廃棄系再生バイオマス資源を熱エネルギーおよび堆肥としてリサイクル する実践を学ぶ。メコンデルタ・ハウザン省のタンテイ村では、コミュニティ・バイオガスと生ごみ堆肥化に取り組む。宮崎県五ヶ瀬 町では、堆肥化とバイオガス熱利用に取り組む。地域内の物質循環は、地域農業の再生(オーガニックファーミング)を促し、一 村一品の開発やツーリズム推進の期待が高まる。この課題に挑む主体は、日常の生活実践を支え、地域の食文化を形成してき た女性である。「食べたもので食べるものをつくる」。それは日越女性の学び合いネットワーク(越境的キー・パースンズ)が、日々 の暮らしを大切にしながら食と農をローカルにつなぎ、美しい農村をつくる、社会変革を導く実践である。

This project aims to create an sustainable agricultural community and landscape in which local farmers can easily and efficiently convert “bio-wastes (it means organic wastes from which plant or animal-derived waste material, such as agricultural residues, crop processing residues, livestock waste and garbage from household)” into effective resources (thermal energy and manure) by themselves. Different community types of climate, cultural, philosophical and political conditions between Thanh Tay village in Hau Giang province, Vietnam and Gokase town in Miyazaki prefecture, Japan were selected as model sites to demonstrate effective material circulation system for sustainable agriculture. In this project, community of practice and mutual learning network (especially transnational women’s power) between transnational communities will be created, facilitating knowledge and experience sharing among community farmers and local residents in Mekong Delta and Kyushu Island. Our final goal is the dissemination of sustainable agriculture in each local communities in Vietnam and Japan, in which local bio-waste are fermented to produce biogas and organic manure, and put into again the land for agriculture by community-based action on each site.