2019 国際助成プログラム International Grant Program      
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Cooperation on the realization of societies where people can have access to justice in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Japan
池内 稚利
Masatoshi IKEUCHI
Japan Federation of Bar Associations
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企画書・概要 (Abstract of Project Proposal)

アジア諸国における土地の収奪や強制労働、違法・不当な逮捕などの権利侵害は、人々の安全で豊かな暮らし を脅かしている。これらは「法」により防ぐことのできる問題であるが、人々は「法」や弁護士を活用できず、権利を 守ることができていない。そこで、法的サービスのアウトリーチ及び人々と弁護士のインターフェースの向上・改 善を図るプロジェクトを実施し、人々が権利を守るために「法」や弁護士を活用する機会の増大を目指す。 ベトナム、カンボジア、ラオスは、集権的構造や家父長制など社会背景を同じくしており、同調圧力に屈しない権 利意識の涵養や、弁護士に対する社会の認知度の向上など、共通のチャレンジに直面している。日本もこうした 課題に長年取り組んできた。本プロジェクトは、悩みを共有する者どうしが学びあいを通じて共通課題の解決を 図る取組みであり、外部の知見や「受け手」の意見を積極的に取り込むという新たな枠組みで実施される。

In Asian countries, there are serious violations of human rights such as land grabbing, forced labor and unjust and/or illegal arrest, and these threaten people’s well-being. Although those violations may be prevented by proper application of laws, most of the people are excluded from legal protections because they do not have easy access to laws and lawyers. This project is aiming to improve legal outreach activities and to provide user-friendly interfaces between ordinary people and lawyers. This project will increase people’s access to legal services so as to protect their own rights. Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos share similar features such as centralized governing structures and paternalistic societies. In terms of the enhancement of access to justice in these three countries, there are common challenges of increasing awareness of human rights, which is all too often lost under peer pressure, and raising social awareness of lawyers’ role. Japan has the same challenges to enhance access to justice. In this project, parties who all have common challenges cooperate in dealing with those through learning from each other. The project is carried out drawing on external expertise and receiving feedback from users of legal services.